Thursday, June 3, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

So exciting! Julia at Live, Laugh, Love gave me a lovely blog award last night called the Honest Scap Award. Thank you so much Julia, and to all my readers, please go check out her blog, she has great reviews and fantastic homeschooling materials!

As part of the acceptance conditions, I have to tell you 10 interesting things about myself (I hope they are interesting anyway) and pass the award on to some other fabulous bloggers, which is my favorite part.

So, without further ado....

1. I love cotton candy. If I am anywhere it is being sold, I absolutely have to buy it. Unfortunately, it makes me very hyper, and greatly increases the odds that I will sing showtunes, which are pretty high to begin with.

2. I have difficulty telling time. I blame it on the overwhelmingly easy access to digital clocks. My brain just dumped it's timetelling abilities to make room for more important stuff (like the lyrics to showtunes).

3. I used to be obsessed with lip gloss. I am doing much better now that I do not wear makeup daily, but when I worked, and did my makeup every day, I carried at least 12 tubes of lip gloss at all times. A former coworker remarked that my purse looked like it belonged to a 12 year old.

4. I love to grocery shop. It makes me happy thinking of all the different things I can cook and make, and how happy that food is going to make the people I care about. I rarely get excited about eating the stuff I buy however.

5. My dog is named Dexter, yet I rarely call him that. I make up countless nicknames for him, like Doodle, Pup Magup, Fussy MaGillicutty, Chubbs, the list goes on and on. Poor thing is going to have an identity crisis.

6. I secretly (well I guess not so secretly now) dream of being a photographer. We just have a cheap digital camera, but I take tons of pictures, and use a couple different software programs to edit and make them look a little fancier. I have no real artistic ability, so I figure photography is my only shot. I like to delude myself that I have a good eye for things, but then I look at real photography and know I don't.

7. If you read this blog regularly, you probably already know this, but, my Hubby and I, we are, to put it simply, ridiculous. We cut up and act like kids, and just play. And I love it. We also have serious political and historical discussions at the dinner table. He is equally willing to watch football and take me to a broadway show. He is the best man I have ever met, aside from my daddy, and I am blessed that he was created to be my husband.

8. I bought materials and items to redo my bathroom yesterday. Part of me wants to do it all on my own, and part of me is scared to death of messing it up. I am sure I will post more about this later, at the very least to show you how it turned out :)

9. I keep talking about writing a book, and I even have an idea. I just need to get off my rear and start it, like, today, but I am scared because I know there are tons of writing rules I have no clue about. Thankfully, I have very helpful friends and peers who are willing to guide me.

10. As cheesy as it sounds, blogging helps me find purpose. I really feel like I am doing something meaningful, and am on the path God has intended for me. I sometimes feel guilty for devoting so much time to something that is not generating income, but I have faith that God is preparing me for something wonderful. And Hubby is completely supportive, he actually pushes me and gives me ideas a lot of the times. And it has encouraged him to start writing again as well. So, I pray that I am open to the opportunities that await me.

OK, I hope those were at least a little bit interesting. Now on to the fun part. I am passing this award on to the following bloggers (please, do check their blogs out, they are great!)

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Thank you again Julia, and thank you everyone who reads my blog. You make me happier than you realize!