Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the Big City: The Milkshake Factory

Last weekend, Hubby and I ventured to Pittsburgh for a late lunch in the South Side, and I wanted to take the opportunity to scope out a place I had been hearing a lot about lately: The Milkshake Factory.

For some reason, I had not heard about this place until a couple of weeks ago, when I saw lots of people mentioning it on facebook and Twitter.  I looked around on their webpage and knew that I simply had to get to this place.  An entire store devoted to milkshakes?  Score!

When we got to the storefront, it was immediately clear that this was more than your typical malt shop or ice cream parlor.  This was a gourmet confectioner's store.
The shop was gorgeous, and I immediately wanted everything!  My eyes danced all over the room at all the delicious chocolates, and I was amazed at the presentation of all the different confections.

I knew that I could *seriously* do some damage to that display case, as well as my attempts at healthy living, so we slowly bypassed the candy aspect of the shop, and decided to focus on the main thing- milkshakes.

We moseyed to the back of the shop, where an ice cream parlor atmosphere was set up.
 The shop offers different ice cream treats and 55 different flavors of milkshakes.  What a wonderfully difficult decision to have!
Finally, I made my choice.  I settled on the Cajun Chocolate Milkshake.  They mixed it for me, and I took a taste.  At first, I just tasted the chocolate, but then POW a blast of cajun spice.  It was amazing.  My mouth was on fire, so I took another drink, and the delicious cycle started all over again.
Hubby opted for Chocolate Peanut Butter, a much tamer choice.  It was also delicious, lots of peanut butter which made him very happy.

The prices were really reasonable for the milkshakes.  I was not able to finish mine, but Hubby finished his.  I am sure we will be back to visit again, after all, we have 53 flavors left to try.

The only thing that could make this store better is if their slogan was "Our milkshakes bring all yinz guys to the yard".

Man I love Pittsburgh.