Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

This weekend is the biggest shopping weekend of the year.  How much shopping have you done?  Were you one of those crazy people waiting in line on Black Friday?  Let me remind you what I did on Black Friday: LET'S GO PENS!

That is NOT to say, however, that I did not shop on Black Friday.  Au contraire, I started my shopping early yesterday morning.  From the comfort of my couch.

Yes, that is right, I am one of those people who does not go to a mall during the Christmas season if I can help it.  I hate crowds, I dislike the nasty way people treat each other, and above all, I would rather be spending the time with Hubby and the dog, all snuggled in a blanket.  So, I shop online.  And this year, I am trying out a new store called Zappos.  I am a little late in the game with this site, they have been around for a while, and I know several people who order from them regularly.  Not only have I heard wonderful things about the merchandise and extremely prompt shipping, I have heard nothing but rave reviews of their customer service as well.

When I first started hearing the buzz about shopping online with the Zappos website, I thought the site only sold shoes, because that is what most people talked about.  And they certainly do sell shoes.  They probably have any kind of shoe you might be looking for, in different styles and colors, and at different price points.  But they also clothes, accessories like handbags, and housewares.  This is a great website to direct your husband or boyfriend too with ideas for you if he struggles for good gifts.

There are tons of perks to shopping through Zappos.  Free shipping is one such perk.  Yes that is right I said free shipping.  Also, you have one full year to make a return.  I do not know a single store in the mall with a policy that flexible!  And if all else fails, you can always get gift cards for the website, which I for one think would make a fabulous gift.

So, as you can see, I am kind of in love, as in dotting all my i's with hearts love, with the Zappos site.  I highly recommend it.  I would tell you more about why I love this site, but, I have holiday shopping to do!

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