Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Made My Day.... Pumpkin Roll

Late last night, as yesterday rolled into today, Hubby and I got a hankering for something sweet.  We had lots to choose from, with Thanksgiving food still hanging around.  Hubby had some pie earlier, and I am not a pie eater, so I looked around the fridge, and spied a bag way in the back on the top shelf.  What was this?  It was, it was...

PUMPKIN ROLL!  Yippee!  Mom had brought it on Thanksgiving, but we never opened it.  I figured she took it home with her, but she had forgotten all about it.  Hubby and I had a piece immediately and it was awesome.

So, Mommy, I am sorry that we inadvertently bogarted the pumpkin roll.  To my loving family, I am sorry I am unable to share it's deliciousness with you.  But I have to admit, finding it certainly did make my day!