Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for... Black Friday

Today, I am thankful for Black Friday.  Not because of the sales, or the football games, or travelers or any of the usual things.  I am thankful that all of those things, in addition to some other circumstances, led to an unexpected day of fun with my Hubby!

Early this morning, I got a text from an old college pal saying he had 2 extra tickets for today's Pens game up for grabs, because his fellow season ticket holders could not attend for a couple of reasons.  When I asked him how much and he said free, I jumped at the chance for us to go.  How often does someone offer you free Pens tickets?  I have know R. since my first day of my first class of college, and he has asked me to go to games in the past but I have never been able to go. The fact that he had 2 tickets on a day when both Hubby and I could go?  Serendipity.

We got there just in time to get out tickets and get to our seats.  While we had gone to a game in September, it was a preseason game, so this was my first OFFICIAL Pens game.  I was so pumped.  As always, our seats were great, because there is not a bad seat in Consol.

It was great to catch up with my friend, and it warmed my heart to learn he recently proposed to his girlfriend.  It makes me happy to see people in love!  Also, I got to be with the man I love, my wonderful Hubby.  Despite being a little sick (he caught what I had last weekend), he had a blast!

It was a really good game.  It started slow, and I have to say, the Pens had a lot of sloppy passes.  I would like to think the reason my sweet baboo Letang was sloppy was because he was distracted by my saucy redheaded presence in the building.  But his hair is as hot as mine, so I will let it slide.

Sid the Kid looked a little tired today, he must have had too much turkey yesterday, but hey, even superstars like him need to rest on their laurels now and then.  He still helped to lead the team and assist on a goal.

And then there was Fleury, more like Fury today.  He took a lot of hits by the Senators, before fighting back. It is rare to see a goalie get a penalty, but I say good on him, he needed to defend himself, as well as our net.  And he did one heck of a job.  To be fair, so did the other goalie.  Just not as well as The Flower.

Despite the fact that I was just regaining my voice, and Hubby might be losing his, we helped cheer on the team with some LET'S GO PENS.  What an awesome sound that is, to hear 18,000 people yelling that!

The game was tense for the whole last period, and nothing was certain, right up until the end.  No matter what the outcome, this was going to be a hard fought battle for both sides.

But in the end, our black and gold boys were victorious once again.

We wanted to take R. out afterwards, but everything in the city was packed, and he needed to head back to Columbus, where he lives, so I told him I would take him to lunch the next time he is in the Burgh as a thank you for the tickets.  What an awesome, unexpected blessing this was!

Since traffic on 28 looked bad, we headed to Cranberry and went to dinner, just me and Hubby.  We went to one of our old date spots, and it was an unexpected dinner date.  We had a blast.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, R., for the tickets, and helping make this "old married couple" have an unexpected date!

(ps I got a new camera.  We were in the next to the last row of Consol, opposite the Pens bench, and I got these AWESOME pictures, you can click on them to see bigger versions.  How cool is it that my camera can zoom this well??!!  Hubby got me the camera.  Sigh.  I am a lucky lady!)