Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Puroast Low Acid Coffee

I was never much of a coffee drinker in college, and it was only when I moved out on my own, in graduate school, that I started to enjoy a good cup of coffee.  When I got my first real full time job, I would easily drink a pot of coffee every day.  However, as someone with a lot of gastrointestinal issues, coffee is a huge dietary sin.  The caffeine and acid could do me, and spur stomach aches that would last for days.  When I was officially diagnosed with acid reflux, my doctor told me to cut all caffeine out of my diet, cold turkey, until things were under control.

Now that I have learned how to control my gastro issues, I am once again worshipping at the shrine of the coffee bean.  Since I began working again, I make a small pot daily.  But I quickly find myself feeling icky from drinking coffee.  So when I learned about Puroast Low Acid Coffee, I was thrilled.  It caters to people who have acid issues but love coffee.  I was thrilled to get to try it.


My first impression was WOAH, this coffee is strong.  I am not a huge fan of french roast coffee, I tend to like a milder blend.  Once I got over the initial taste, and adjusted my milk and Splenda accordingly, I started to really enjoy this coffee.  While it was fresh and hot, it was pretty delicious.

The problem with this coffee is when I returned to the pot for a second cup.  This was probably within 20-30 minutes of brewing, and the heating unit was still on.  But the coffee did not taste fresh at all; it almost tasted as if I had reheated coffee from yesterday.  It actually tasted more acidic that my normal coffee does.  So, I had to throw the rest of the pot out.  Because of this, I just cannot tell if this coffee really does allow someone with acid issues to enjoy a pot of coffee.

Perhaps it was the french roast blend; another blend may have better results.  I would certainly try another flavor, because as I said, the initial cup was fantastic.  If this could be purchased as a resealable container, I may be more likely to purchase it, and make only a cup or two at a time, so as not to waste it.  I am not ready to give up on this product just yet.

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