Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vampires and werewolves and.....cougars? OH MY!

Can a woman be considered a cougar if the man only looks young, but is in fact a 200 year old vampire?

Let me explain. My mother in law LOVES Twilight. We would not have expected this. She is pretty conservative, and fairly religious, so I thought anything even remotely supernatural would turn her off. Boy was I wrong.

She would stay up until dawn reading the Twilight books. She has bought the first movie, and will probably buy the second. She wants to get the graphic novels. And, hold on to your horses kids, when we went to her house last weekend, she had put up a poster of Edward in the kitchen. THE KITCHEN. She is Team Edward all the way.

She is in love with him I think. Not really, but she has a serious crush. Part of me actually thinks this is a good thing. Since we lost my father in law in May, she has been terribly lonely. She has never lived alone, and does not drive, so her interaction is limited to family, and a few friends. She is fairly internet savvy, so she does email and play games, but she is pretty shy, so she would never do chatrooms or anything like that. I think Twilight has provided her with companionship and romance, two things I know she has been missing. But I also worry about what will happen when the supply of Twilight info dries up. I know we have a couple more movies to come, and maybe Myers will write some more books (if she is smart) but then what. My mother in law was an avid reader her whole life, now nothing really compares to Twilight.

And my poor husband. He thought he dodged the Twilight bullet. I read the first two books, and saw the first movie, and was completely unimpressed. Now, he has had more Twilight themed discussions than any man ever should have to have. What are we to do?