Monday, May 2, 2011

April Showers


While I was getting pretty sick of all the rain we had last month, there was one shower with which I was positively enthralled- and that would be my friend Erin's bridal shower, which was held Saturday, April 30th.

Erin has contributed to the weddings and showers of so many of her friends, I was so excited to see what they would do for hers.  Nothing about the shower was revealed beforehand other than the theme being Paris (that is where they got engaged).  So, all of it was a surprise for Erin, and I have to tell you, her bridesmaids and family did a fantastic job making sure Erin had a beautiful day.

Welcome Sign

The place was decked out in lots of purple and pink, color of the wedding.

 And Eiffel Towers could be found everywhere.
Eiffel Towers on each table

 Personalized candies were on the tables.

And the breakfast food was delicious.
Breakfast was delicious!

But my absolute favorite was the Eiffel Tower of cupcakes.

One of the bridesmaids made all the yummy cupcakes, while another one of the bridesmaids' boyfriend made the actual Eiffel Tower.
Eiffel Tower cupcake holder

So many talented people helped make Erin's day so special.

Erin got so many wonderful gifts at her shower, it was exciting to watch her open them.

 And of course, her fiance' showed up to bring his love some lovely flowers.
Jason arrives

 It just makes me indescribably happy to see my friends so in love.
Jason looks so happy

Since I knew Erin's shower had a Parisian theme, I wanted to give her a Parisian themed gift as well. I got her several different Paris knick knacks, as well as some coffee and beignet mix rom Cafe du Monde. I decided to make a custom hat box to wrap it all in. So I used different Paris themed pictures, various scrapbook papers and doo dads, and this is how it turned out.
I am so proud how it turned out!


Box lid

Ribbon on my gift to Erin

The day was a smashing success, and I really just feel very blessed to call Erin and Jason my friends, and am honored to be a part of this wonderful time in their lives.

Congratulations Erin and Jason, we love you very much!