Monday, March 8, 2010

And here I thought the Swedish Made Penis Enhancer Pump Gag Died with Austin Powers

Life as a stay at home wife during a really snowy winter has left me with lots of down time. Add occasional insomnia, potty training a puppy, and a cat in heat to the mix, and, well, I watch a lot of t.v. Sometimes the channels and hours are odd, and for that, I can accept that I will see commercials that are unsavory to say the least. Party lines. Girls Gone Wild. Online Booty Call websites. Ok, at 4 am or on Spike TV, these commercials, while not entirely acceptable, are some what expected.

However, today, I have been watching AMC. American Movie Classics. All morning. First Philadelphia, now Silence of the Lambs. In between doing house work and taking care of the pets, I have been watching snippets of these movies. And at least 15 times now, on this channel, in the middle of the day, I have seen commercials for ExtenZe. And it is the same damn commercial.

It shows a guy putting an orange into a penis pump,

and freaking out when it gets sucked up.

So instead he buys EntenZe. What the hell?

Come on AMC are you hurting for money that bad? Or is this just the damn Dish Network not discriminating on their advertising spots. Save that shit for the late night shows.