Thursday, July 21, 2011


Living near the river has lots of advantages.  Pretty much guaranteed gorgeous scenery all year round.  Easy accessibility to those aquatically inclined.  A fantastic riverside park.

It also has some downfalls.  One of these is the annual mayfly infestation.

One night earlier this week, as Hubby was driving home, he called me to inform me that the mayflies had hatched, and were everywhere.  He suggested I grab my camera and he would pick me up to go take pictures for the blog.  I love that he encourages this dorky behavior.

So, I run out to his car, which had a few mayflies clinging to it.  When seen one by one, while not what I would call cute, they are not that bad.

And then, we reached the bridge.  The mayflies were swarming around lights and on telephone and electric wires.  My pictures are not great, because there was no way I was rolling down the window or getting out of the car.

The ground was so thick with them, we could hear their bodies crunching under the tires.  It was disgusting.

And this was the beginning of the infestation. Here is a video from last year, during the thick of things. I bet you itch when you watch it.