Friday, September 2, 2011

Tiffany Trivia: What Creeps Me Out

Since it seems like not many people are reading my blog these days, I have decided to stray just slightly from my standard posts, and just post a little more about myself once in a while. This series is aptly called Tiffany Trivia.

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Most people have something, or things, that really creep them out. Mice, snakes, spiders, horses. Those are some of the standard ones. Whether a lifelong fear, or in Hubby's case with horses, due to some unfortunate event, everyone has something that just weirds them out.

I have several. And they are all odd.

For the longest time, it was that stuuuuuuuuupid dancing baby from Ally McBeal. And I think anyone who did not find that at least a little creepy is lying to themselves.

But the thing that creeps me out worst of all now are these 5 pointed metal stars that everyone and their brother have hanging on their homes.

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These things are all the rage in the country and primitive decorating set, but I just find the repugnant.  I have no reasoning for this, I generally like stars, but these are just, ick.  We even refer to them as "creepy stars".  I do not know why, and hope none of my readers (all 4 of you) who may have these will take offense.  They just give me the willies.

Another think I find creepy are these plantars made from kid's pants.  It looks like someone bisected a child and hot and threw geraniums on top of it.  Gross.
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Along the same lines, those creepy little corner kids dolls.  They used to be all the rage a few years ago.  For me, the source of unparalleled nightmares.
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Thank goodness this fad seems to have ended.

Oh goodness, imagine if a house had all three of these things.  It would be like a scarehouse for me.

And do not even get me started on those creeptastic Spitting Image puppets.
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The Genesis "Land of Confusion" video makes me shudder.

Is there anything weird like this that creeps any of you out?