Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How time flies

So, can you believe Sunday was my second wedding anniversary?  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!

Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice this past weekend, so our original plans to go to a fall festival got scrapped.  Instead we went to dinner in Pittsburgh on Saturday, and Sunday we just stayed in the house.

I was so excited to give Hubby his gift, I got him an HP Netbook (thanks again Rhonda!).  He loved it, he was so excited all he could say was "oh my goodness, it's a THING", it was so cute.

He had given me the big part of my gift early, which was a Keurig.  I am already completely in love with it!  But on Sunday, he also gave me some coffee for it, Glee Karaoke Revolution II, the movie Bridesmaids, a Jonathon Coulton t shirt, and more importantly, 2 boxes of Count Chocula cereal.  Considering I have been trying since February to get this (even tried ordering online), I was SO excited over this.  I just love how he knows what special things to do to make me feel so loved.

Who knew 6 years ago, when I first was befriended by him, that he would end up bringing me so much happiness?