Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wicked Games

I have never been much of a gamer.  Sure, there was the time Hubby and I both, unknowingly, bought each other Nintendo DSs for Valentine's Day, and yes, I bought him a Wii as a wedding gift, then went through about 2 months post wedding where I played Super Smash Brothers like it was my job, and, yeah, ok, a good hidden picture game has been know to steal whole days of my time, but in general, not a gamer.  I never got into playing games online unless really bored, I with the exception of aforementioned hidden picture games, I never play pc games.

So, when cell phones started coming equipped with the ability to buy and play games, my initial reaction was, meh.  Most of the games on most of the phones I have had never got played.  But now that I have both a phone and a tablet where I can download a boatload of free games, a new addiction has blossomed: coin pusher games.

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Remember going to Chuck E. Cheese, or Dave & Busters, and seeing those games where the tokens were covering a platform, with a pusher behind them? You shot more tokens in, hoping the pusher would push a boatload of tokens and/or prizes into the bin for you to scoop up.  Biggest waste of time ever, right?  Well, what if a) the tokens were free and b) they regenerated over time, both while playing and while away from the game... sounds like a pretty sweet deal right?  EXACTLY!  I found a game like this in the Andriod app store, and it hit the gambling area of my brain in just the right way so that I got hooked.  I was obsessed with getting more prizes and clearing more levels (levels are determined by the number of coins you win).  And before I knew it, I had 4 different games on my phone, and the same 4 on my tablet, so that, at all times, I am earning coins to play 8 games.  What the heck is WRONG with me???

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I am sure in time, this will fizzle out, as all my game play does, but in the mean time, I am putting up with lots of merciless teasing from Hubby about how stooooooooopid these games are.  I pointed out, last night, that he did not make this much fun of me before, not even when I played Farmville and woke up at 4 am to harvest my crops (oh yes, I did, but that did not last long).  He said, at least in Farmville you had choices to make.  I explained that these games have choices too, like choosing whether to collect the prizes or sell them for more coins.  He said, yeah, or the choice to not play at all.

I promptly told him my choice was to not listen to anymore of his crap.