Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who does she think she is???

I am getting all kinds of new readers thanks to a Tuesday Tag Along blog hop I joined *waves hello to all my new friends* and it occurred to me that I never really properly introduced myself. To any of you. I just jumped right in to talking about Hubby and trying to be witty, and never laid the proper foundation.

So, after something like 60 posts (can you believe it, already that many!!) I finally decided to introduce myself. If you already know me personally, feel free to skip this post, but you never know, you may learn something new about me.

So, I am Tiffany.

Small town girl, obviously. I grew up in Ohio, in a tiny coal mining town that no one ever heard of unless they actually lived there. I went to a small school, with a graduating class of like 70 kids. Everyone knew everyone else, and EVERYONE knew my last name, because it was the same last name as a hometown hero. My maiden name is Niekro, and for anyone not in the know (which is pretty much anyone not from my town or not a rabid baseball fan), my cousins are Phil and Joe Niekro, former major league baseball players. Phil is in the baseball Hall of Fame, and both were famous for throwing killer knuckle balls, so being a Niekro in my home town, kind of a big deal Everywhere else, not so much.

I lived at home with my parents and put myself through college, then immediately moved out after college graduation to go to graduate school in yet another small town. I put myself through grad school to get a degree in something I did not want a career in, yet find a way to use the skills in everything I do. I have my masters degree in counseling, which pretty much qualifies me to be a....professional friend. I moved from small town to big city and became an official Pittsburgh girl, a title I will forever hold no matter where I live.

I have one brother, Dennis, who lives in Ohio with the love of his life Paul. Paul is a famous artist, seriously, he has painted celebrities ya'll. Dennis just became an RN, and this little sister is uber proud if him!

I also have a sister, Kimberly, who is going to school to be a teacher, again, so proud! What smarties we are! She and her husband Rob recently sold their home, and are building a new house on the property we grew up on, where they will live with their kids, my super fantastic nephew Austin and ultra awesome niece Abbie. Clearly, I love them lots.

My parents now live across the street from where we grew up, on property that used to belong to my Grandmother. As the baby of the family, my parents have helped me out tons, and supported me through so much, but luckily, they got to pass me off not too long ago, because I *finally* got married, much to their relief.

I have the world's best Hubby. No joke. He waited for 2.5 years to even get me to go on a date with him. He listened to all my bad date stories, he heard me cry about other guys, and work, and friends, and EVERYTHING because I am a girl and that is what I do. Once I finally went on a date, with him, I knew it was true love, and so we got married, and I moved to yet another small town, this time it is Kittanning PA. While I did not grow up here, it is now and forever "my town". Hubby also blogs, you can find his blog here.

I have a cranky cat named Nora, and a dappled dachshund named Dexter. I write a totally separate blog just about them, located here.

I have met so many wonderful friends through my husband, so now we have a nice little crew to hang out with. It made the it much easier to leave everything I knew in the city and move out here to restart small town living.

Since I got married, I have been a stay at home wife, and just recently started blogging again. I also write book reviews on a blog located here. My hope is that all this crazy writing will eventually result in some freelance writing work, which is my dream job. Getting paid to read and write? That is the end all be all job for a nerd like me :)

I am, in a word, ridiculous. I am a clown, a drama queen, an old soul, an airhead, a romantic, and a giver. I get hurt easily, I laugh loudly, I sing badly, and I make my pets dance. I love lipgloss and blankets, I hate cooked spinach, I will be the best friend you ever had, my Hubby is my hero, and I think I am the luckiest girl alive.

So, that's me. Tiffany. Nice to meet you.