Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Small Town Elements: Special Election Edition

Do you live in PA? If so, did you get out and vote today? I DID!

That's right, for the FIRST TIME since I moved to the Keystone state back in 2004, I was able to vote. For a while, I never changed my registration from OH to PA on anything, so I just never voted at all. Then when I did change things over, I never really bothered to register to vote. But when I got married, and went through all the name change hassle, I added voter registration to the list, and here we are!

Being married to a political science/economics geek, er, I mean guru, there is no way for me to avoid politics being a part of my life. The funny thing is, I like it. I mean, I hate arguing politics with anyone, but civilized discussions, meant to broaden opinions and inform the masses, that I just thrive on. I always thought I was politically stupid, until Hubby helped me realize I actually do know a thing or two. And, truth be told, our views are more alike than they are different.

But I am NOT going to use this entry to preach my personal political platform. I have my views, and they are mine. If you want to share any of the same ones I have, great, if not, that is great too. Just no name calling, and we will get along fine.

What I do want to encourage all of you to do is GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

I missed out on so much by not voting for those 6 years. Every presidential election is historical, and I have up a chance to help make history. I gave up chances to make my voice heard. I know a lot of people say all politicians are liars, and while many do and say things I disagree with, regardless of party affiliation, there are many many good people involved in politics.

For example, tonight, I had the supreme honor of voting for Hubby, as well as my good friend J, for positions on local and state committees respectively. Both of these people are intelligent and honest; they care about people, and not the political games.

If you are not registered, please consider registering to vote for the next election. In a small town like mine, every vote counts, especially for local offices. Change starts at home.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best when he said "Be the change you want to see in the world".

The change I want to see is hope, so in order to see hope, I must have hope, and be hope to those who need it. And so I start, by raising my voice.