Friday, December 2, 2011

It Made my Day: Happy Feet

This morning, I woke up full of joy.  I have met a small goal that I set for myself several weeks ahead of schedule.  I am getting into the holiday spirit.  I have gotten to spend time with some great friends over the past few weeks, not to mention my family.  I have a job that I absolutely love, and work with incredibly caring people.  I have a husband who is more amazing that words can even allow, two adorable dogs, a cat that lovingly drives me bonkers, and as if all this were not enough, today is Friday!  Hubby is not a morning person, yet this morning, when he woke up, we had a tickle fest and it allowed me to see him start his day with a giant smile.  Today, I am full of joy, and I wanted everyone to know it.

As I dressed for work, I realized my outfit was very plain.  Grey dress, black tights, black cardigan.  Cute, and comfortable, but plain.  I needed people to see my joy.  I found the perfect solution.

Now everyone can see my joy, thanks to my happy feet. It totally made my day!