Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In the Big City: Go Pretzel

A few weekends ago, Hubby and I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon in Pittsburgh.  We had several stops planned along Liberty Avenue, so we took the opportunity to stop at a place I has heard about a few weeks ago:  Go Pretzel.

Now, this gal loves some salty doughy soft pretzels.  Many a night the Hubby has made a late night Sheetz run to fulfill my soft pretzel craving, so the idea of a new shop opening in Pittsburgh made me super happy!

When we got there, I was kind of surprised how small the place was.  This is really just a counter, there is no seating.  When the weather is nice, that is no problem, but it was a chilly November afternoon, so I was sad that we could not sit inside and enjoy our delicious pretzel treats.  It would simply have to wait until we walked to the car.


The next thing I noticed was how yummy all the different pretzels looked.  We had a hard time choosing!!  I went with toasted almond pretzel with dutch cocoa dip.  I actually liked the pretzel better without the dip, so I must remember that in the future.  Hubby got the jalapeno, of course.  I tried it, and it was ok, but the peppers were too pickled for my liking.  Hubby really wanted to try the pretzel dog, but decided it would wait until our next trip.

All in all, the place is a winner.  While the storefront and the website are the epitome of minimalism, I hope to see this grow into a franchise, much like some other beloved downtown snack providers have over the past few years.  If you have not tried Go Pretzel, I really encourage you to do so.  I know we will certainly be back, more than once.

So, my final ruling?  Go Pretzel, or Go home.