Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let me tell you who We Are...

I told myself and told myself I was not going to write about Penn State, but I just can't hold it in anymore.

I see so many PSU alumni and fans who claim no one knows what they are going through.  That only those who chant WE ARE can understand the complexity of this situation.  And perhaps they are right.  They are fans, they are hardworking, they are proud of their alma mater, and they are heartbroken for many many reasons.  But let me tell you who WE are...

WE ARE parents of small children who cannot stand living in a world where these things can happen to them.

WE ARE adult survivors of sexual abuse whose hearts break for those boys.

WE ARE the mothers of those who were molested.

WE ARE social workers and advocates who try to speak for victims who are not allowed a voice.

WE ARE the Pennsylvania taxpayers whose money went to support such a corrupt cover up.

WE ARE college graduates from other schools who would be horrified had it happened where we were.

WE ARE everyday people whose faith in goodness and rightness has been shaken to its core.

WE ARE unable to understand why child rape was being enabled for the sake of people's jobs and football games.

WE ARE disappointed in the way this situation was handled.

WE ARE human enough to know what happened was wrong, regardless of what school issued our degree.

WE ARE as entitled to our opinions as anyone else, regardless of our alma mater.

WE ARE angry.

WE ARE justified.