Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Naturals Voxbox Review: Country Life Maxi Hair supplement

Anyone who knows me knows that I change my hair a lot.  Usually, that change involves changing the color. So sometimes my hair needs a little TLC.  While special shampoos can help, I have found it best to try to improve my hair from the inside out.  That usually means eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water.  But now, there is something else that can help: Country Life Maxi Hair .


These dietary supplements can help improve the overall health of your hair, skin, and nails.  Two tablets are taken each day.  I tend to take mine in the morning, first thing, with a large glass of water.  Like any supplements, the pills are pretty big, and not exactly pleasant tasting, but with a good drink of water, I never have any trouble.  At a cost of about $17.99 a bottle, the cost is comparable to other supplements, and these can be found in most stores that carry vitamins and supplements.


Over the course of the few weeks I have been taking the supplements, I have noticed a few things.  My hair tends to grow fast, so I have not seen a significant increase in the rate of hair growth.  However, my hair does seem stronger, and more of my natural curl is apparent.  Also, I have a tendency to lose a lot of hair with each washing/combing, and I have noticed a reduction in the amount of hair lost since starting the supplement.  But by far, the greatest change has been in my fingernails.  They are growing so much faster now, and are stronger.  They split and break significantly less that they did before I started the supplements.

The only negative side effect I have seen is that the color of my urine changed to a bright fluorescent yellow.  I know that it sounds a bit odd, and kind of gross, but it could be alarming to someone not prepared for it, so I thought I would mention it.  Increasing my water intake helped reduce this.  Other than that, I have only seen positive results from this supplement.

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Disclaimer: I received a complementary sample from Influenster for the purposes of testing and reviewing the product.  All opinions are original and honest.