Monday, October 8, 2012

Naturals Voxbox Review: The Original Dish Drying Mat

Although we do own a dishwasher, we rarely use it.  I feel like it rarely gets the dishes all that clean, and I often end up rewashing them.  That ends up wasting water.  As a result, we almost always hand wash our dishes.  And since I cook a lot, we have a lot of dishes.  Often, we have more dishes than will fit in our dish drainer.   While you can set the dishes on the counter, they do not drain properly, and the counter gets soaked with water.

Enter the Original Dish Drying Mat.


Made of high absorbency microfiber, the Original Dish Drying Mat is a much better solution than dish towels.  It absorbs much more water, while cushioning the dishes.  The mat can be machine washed, and folds up for easy storage.  And it just looks nice.


I tried the mat out with the items that take up too much space in our drainer: bowls, cups, and mugs.  The mat fit conveniently on the counter, and the dishes sat securely on the mat while drying.  The manufacturer suggests that you allow the mat to fully dry between uses.  I wonder if the mat will take on a sour smell, the way wet dish towels tend to do.  It will take more uses to determine.  If the mat does start to smell, it can be machine washed.  I imagine you would not want to use fabric softener on it, however, as that may reduce its absorbency.

So far, I am quite pleased with my Original Dish Drying Mat.

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Disclaimer: I received a complementary sample from Influenster for the purposes of testing and reviewing the product.  All opinions are original and honest.