Thursday, March 7, 2013

It Made My Day: After All These Years

Hubby has made a pastime out of teasing me.  He knows exactly what to do to get me riled up, knows exactly what buttons to push.  It always ends up being something we laugh about, he is never malicious in his teasing.  But sometimes, he teases me about things that can be a little, well, personal.  Like he will tell me how much he likes my butt in a pair of jeans.  Or he will tell me how sexy I look wearing one of his old t-shirts.  And, like a young school girl, I inevitably blush.

Yesterday, he, in great detail, told me how much he liked the way a particular pair of pants looked on me.  It got me so flustered, I turned red, and tried to exit the room.  As I was almost out the door, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back, putting his arms around me and saying "I love the fact that after all these years, I can still make you so flustered."

He paused a moment, and then said "And I love the fact that we have been together so long that I can properly use the phrase 'after all these years'."

This was taken within the first two months we were dating, we look so young!

It was like a line from a movie, and it totally made me melt.

But beyond that, it made my day.