Friday, March 8, 2013

Announcing the 35 Day Project

35 collage

For months now, I have been thinking of ways to celebrate my upcoming 35th Birthday next month.  While a trip, or a big party, would be fun, I am really feeling the need to do something bigger, something more, something....for others.  After much thought and consideration, I have decided to undergo a large scale kindness project for the 35 day leading up to and including my birthday.  And I would like your help.

Presenting: The 35 Day Project

Here are the details:

  • The 35 Day Project starts on March 17th, and ends on April 20th (my 35th birthday).
  • The idea is to spread kindness to others during these 35 days.
  • I am asking each person who wants to participate to engage in at least 1 (one) act of kindness during the 35 days (March 17-April 20).  If you want to do more, great, but I am only asking for 1 act, on 1 day, sometime during this time frame.
  • Those who are on Facebook can ask to be added to a group I set up for the project here.
  • Those who use Twitter, when taking about the project, make sure you use the hashtag #35DayProject
  • If you do participate, and would like me to feature your act/acts of kindness on the blog, contact me.  I would like to share your stories!
  • If you want to participate but want more details, either join the Facebook group or email me using the links above.  I am happy to bounce around ideas!

Throughout the 35 Day Project, I will also be doing acts of kindness, both for people I know and people I do not know, and I will be talking about them in future posts.  I really hope this inspires you all to join in.

One of my friends suggested I make up cards that can be handed out by participants, explaining this project. I am working on this, and will be happy to provide any of my readers with the completed resource.  Just contact me.

My biggest wish for my 35th birthday is to put kindness out into the world.  Will you help my wish come true?