Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birchbox Favorite Review: Dermalogica Microfoliant

As I mentioned, I plan on reviewing my favorite product or products from my Birchboxes.  Since today is the last day of February, I thought I should get cracking on my February favorite.

I am a sensitive person, to the point where even my skin is sensitive.  Seriously.  Harsh soaps can really do a number on my skin, heck even many powdered laundry detergents irritate my skin (not a problem with my homemade detergent however!!), so I really have to pay attention to how products affect my face.  It is almost inevitable that Winter brings on the dry, flaky, cracked skin.  This winter has been mild, yet still the face on my skin got so dry.  Nothing seemed to be helping.

I knew my problem; I needed to exfoliate.  But with sensitive skin, this can be tricky, and often results in even drier, and now angry red, skin.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I received in my Birchbox a sample of Demalogia Microfoliant.  This is a dry powder that you mix with water to form a gritty paste.  You rub it into the your face with your fingertips for about 60 seconds, and wipe clean.  The result is brighter, exfoliated skin.  But would it work on my touchy t-zone?


The first thing I noticed was that it does not take much of this product.  I was sent a sample of almost half an ounce, and three weeks later I have barely made a dent in it.  When you use your wet hands to make the paste, it feels slightly gritty, but as you massage it with wet fingertips, it forms a nice foam.  There are no artificial colors or fragrances, a huge bonus for me because of my skin sensitivities, but it does contain tea tree oil which gives it a light, clean smell.

I noticed a tremendous difference after just one use.  My skin felt smooth, soft, and energized.  I moisturized and my skin felt dewy (not oily or greasy) all day.  My makeup never dried, flaked, or cracked at all.  This stuff is amazing!  After multiple uses, I noticed my skin was clearer, and my pores were less noticeable.  Now that my skin is in much better condition, I only use this product every other day, in part to make my sample last longer, and in part because I do not want to over exfoliate my skin and cause irritation.

This is a fantastic product that works well for me, and I would highly recommend it.

I reviewed this product through a sample service for which I pay.  I was in no way compensated for this review.