Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Frosted Mini Wheat Little Bites, Cinnamon Roll flavor

Lately, I have been trying to eat lean protein for breakfast.  That means egg whites and greek yogurt.  While both delicious, these can get a little boring for breakfast.  Once in a while, I just want a bowl of cereal that tastes like it is bad for me, but in reality is not.  Enter Frosted Mini Wheats.


This is a cereal brand that I have enjoyed for a long time.  They make several different flavors, and frosted wheat is not that bad, considering it is a great source of fiber.  Food purists might not like the amount of sugar in the frosted wheats, but all in all, not an awful choice for a once in a while breakfast treat.  So, when I learned there were Cinnamon Roll flavored Mini Wheats, I knew I had to try them.  Cinnamon Roll flavored stuff has been a recent obsession, so that I get the flavor of a comforting treat without the fat.

I did not realize the difference between Mini Wheats and Mini Wheat Little Bites until I saw them.  These are much tinier than regular Mini Wheats, hence the slight name difference.  Were the Minis not mini enough? Otherwise, these are your standard Mini Wheats.  They look a little like straw, but I truly think they are tasty.


Nutritionally, they are not awful, but higher in calories and carbs than I would like.  However, a great source of fiber and very low fat.  So, for a once in a while thing, once again, not awful.  My biggest complaint is the serving size, which is 47 biscuits.  Really?  You could not have just made it half a cup?  For people who are a little OCD about precise serving sizes, it is a major pain to sit there and count out 47 biscuits each time I want to make sure I am getting a correct serving size.  It is a major flaw as far as I am concerned.


Taste wise, these were good, not fantastic, but good.  But between the annoying serving size and the amount of calories and carbs, I am not sure this would be a staple in my pantry.  I think there are better, healthier, easier options out there. And if I were going to splurge with carbs for mini wheats, I would probably do it on the blueberry ones.


I reviewed this product as part of the Amazon Vine program.