Saturday, March 23, 2013

35 Day Project: Run For a Reason

I have been deliberately trying to perform acts that cost little or no money.  There are about a million worthwhile charitable organizations, and it is always difficult for me to select just a few for monetary donations.  However, for today's act, I decided to donate to my friend Becky's fundraising efforts for her upcoming half marathon run.

run becky

Becky is running the race for charity.  That means she has committed to raising a set amount of money to go toward a charity of her choice.  If she does not raise the full amount, she has to make up the difference out of pocket.  Her charity of choice is Genre's Kids With Cancer Fund.

I told you a few days ago how awesome Becky is.  This just proves my point.  She has committed to helping  in a real tangible way.  Today, I did what I could to help Becky get a little bit closer to her goal.  I took a small, tiny, minuscule step toward helping them eradicate childhood cancer.  Becky is over halfway to her fundraising goal.  A goal I feel confident she is going to surpass.