Wednesday, April 10, 2013

35 Day Project: I Voted

I have been a little under the weather, so I am behind on updating you on my recent acts for the 35 Day Project, but I have still been doing the acts.  Today I catch up on the posts :)

Photo Source: LWVC

I really adore the Pittsburgh Blogging community.  I have met some amazing people, learned about great causes, and made some pretty meaningful connections.  But my favorite thing about Pittsburgh bloggers, by and far, is how much we all support each other in our various endeavors.  Which is why, on Friday, my act was to support  fellow blogger.

Sue Kerr is well known in Pittsburgh social media circles for her passionate activism.  Currently, Sue is entered in a scholarship contest to win a scholarship to attend a conference focused on political activism.  The top 5 applicants with the most votes win the scholarships.  I gave Sue my vote.  It really was a no brainer.