Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: B is for Bendl


Over the weekend, Hubby and I attended the wedding celebrations of our very good friends, Lora and Justin Bendl.  Hubby and Justin have been friends since high school.  When Hubby and I started dating, his greatest wish for his unmarried friends was that they would find the kind of happiness we had found, and it has been really wonderful to watch Lora and Justin find happiness and love together.

In the past, as a single girl, I hated weddings, and would do pretty much anything to get out of attending a wedding.  When it came time to plan my own wedding, I was not really into all the frills, I was more concerned about being a wife than being a bride.  But now that I am married, and have a life full of joy as a result, I find myself really enjoying weddings.  Funny how love can change your perceptions.  Hubby and I had a wonderful time at the wedding, sharing in the joy of the newlyweds, visiting with our friends, and getting down on the dance floor.  There were a few moments, out there dancing, when I closed by eyes, and forgot there was anyone there besides Hubby and me.  For a couple approaching our 4th anniversary, we still act like newlyweds.  And Hubby predicts we always will.


As with any wedding, music helps bring people together.  So, I decided to dedicate today's playlist to the happy couple.  This list is just a small sampling of the songs we enjoyed at the reception, including the couple's first dance as husband and wife.  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bendl, we love you, and wish a life full of happiness.


You can see more photos from the Bendl wedding here.