Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: Burger of the Day

Hubby and I have very similar tastes and sense of humor when it comes to the kinds of things we like.  While there are some things I like (Teen Mom 2, America's Next Top Model) that he hates, and some things he likes (Westerns, monkey movies) that I hate, in general, we enjoy similar movies, books, music, and television shows.  Which means, over the years, we have introduced each other to some amazing things.  And we have also discovered some amazing things together.
Drawing of Bob and Linda by Stephen Harkleroad

For a while now, Hubby has been saying "We should watch Bob's Burgers", because it is similar to other things we like, and is voiced by people we like.  Last week we finally got around to watching it.  And by "watching it" I mean watching the entire first two seasons in one week.  Not only did we realize we loved it, but we realized that we were a lot like the two main adult characters, Bob and Linda.  Bob is the owner and operator of a burger themed restaurant, Linda is his wife.  They have 3 hilarious kids, and the situations are they all get into (like finding a treasure in a taffy factory, or dealing with a bank robbery across the street) are fantastically hilarious.  But one of the best things about each episode is that there is a new "burger of the day", which is usually related to the storyline, and is ALWAYS based on some awful, clever pun.  Favorite examples include the Chorizo Your Own Adventure Burger and the These Collards Don't Run Burger (served with collard greens).  We have become so obsessed with the show, we even talk in Bob and Linda's voices, and parrot back lines from the show.  Yeah, yeah, we really do.  And on more than once occasion, the show has made us intensely crave burgers.

Last night, I asked Hubby what my playlist should be about this week.  Is it any surprise, given all the above information, that he suggest I do a burger themed playlist in honor of Bob's Burgers?  No, not really, not to anyone who knows us.  So, without further ado, I give you the "Burger of the Day" playlist.
I hope you find it delicious.