Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: Unplugged

Time for Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes. Today's playlist is titled "Unplugged". Check it out.We are a family of electronics users.  Between the two of us, we currently have 5 working computers, 2 working smart phones, countless non working smart phones, a working tablet, and a non working kindle, not to mention various in home and portable gaming systems.  When we travel, even just overnight, we have one whole bag devoted to our electronics.  So, yeah, we are pretty plugged in most of the time.

Which is why the past week has been so frustrating for us.  Our internet service in our house has not been working properly.  It has been sporadic at best.  We have internet access on our phones thanks to our data plans, but some things are just hard to do on a phone or tablet (like blogging when your post included embedded code for pictures or gadgets).  And do not get me started on the fact that we have not been able to watch Netflix streaming.  Being forcibly "unplugged" for the last week or so has made us more than a little cranky.

And yet, there has been something freeing about it as well.  It has allowed me to enjoy quiet times in my home, with the t.v. turned off, and no clickety clacking of my laptop keys.  It has allowed me to get absorbed into numerous books.  It has allowed me to enjoy the luxury of a late afternoon nap.  Am I willing to give up my electronics?  HECK NO.  But sometimes, there is beauty in being unplugged for a bit.  In honor of this, I have selected a playlist of unplugged and acoustic versions of songs that I simply adore.