Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: C is for Catfish

Since I was in my early twenties when the internet really exploded, I spent a lot of time online socializing, and in a lot of ways I still do.  In college, I mostly emailed and IMed friends and family, and when really really bored I hit up some Christian chat rooms.  When I went to grad school, I was alone in a town where I knew no one.  I had a whole summer to get through before classes started, and no real idea how to meet anyone.  So, I turned to the internet once again, only this time, I began talking to strangers.  I started creating friendships with people online, and in a few cases going on dates with people I met online.

After grad school, I once again found myself in a new place, knowing no one.  And once again, I tried online dating.  It was bumpy, to say the least.  I met some decent guys that I maintain friendships with to this day, but very few of them clicked on a romantic level.  I met plenty of duds, liars, manipulators, and deadbeats.  By the time I was approaching 30, I was ready to give up.

I spent all my time pouring my heart out to my best friend, someone I had met online.  Someone I had spent years talking to, but had never actually met in person.  They wanted to meet, I thought it would ruin things.  Finally, I realized that we were already more than friends, so why not just go on a date with the guy?  That date... was my last first date ever.  15 months later we were married.  I will never ever regret dating online, because I was lucky enough to meet Hubby that way.


Because of how we met, Hubby and I love the MTV show "Catfish"  and we watch it together ever week.  We often hold hands, get sappy eyed, and reminisce about how nervous we were to meet each other.  We relate to the people on the show, the ones who are honest at least.  I cannot imagine lying to someone about who I was, and then expecting a relationship to work; I cannot imagine being in the position of the people being lied to.  Fortunately, I never have to imagine those things, Hubby and I are the real deal.  Friends for 2.5 years, dating for 11 months, engaged for 4 months, soon to be married for 4 years.  Almost 8 years we have been connected.  I hooked me a keeper.

In honor of those looking for love online, this week's playlist is some of my favorite songs to be featured in episodes of "Catfish".  Listen to them, and appreciate the love you have in your life, regardless of how you found it.