Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Party, Pizza Party

Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.

If there were one food that I could not turn down, it would be pizza.  I really love pizza, all kinds of pizza.  It is my ultimate comfort food.  We are luck enough to be surrounded with some amazing mom and pop pizza parlors.  For a long time, every time we got pizza, we got it from a different place in our area.  Some were just ok, and some were amazing.  I dabbled a little at making pizza at home, and it would turn out pretty good.

Funny thing is, pizza usually made me feel like garbage.  It was so good while I was eating it, but then later I would be miserable, even if I only had one piece.  After investigation, trial and error, and working with a nutritionist, it was determined that have non Celiac gluten sensitivity, otherwise known as gluten intolerance.  It is not a life threatening thing, gluten does not cause me permanent damage, but when I eat gluten it makes me pretty sick.  So, I had to cut gluten out of my diet.

Do you know what has a ton of gluten in it?  Pizza.

This makes me sad.

The good news is, more and more places are offering gluten free pizza.  A few national chains, and several really delicious local pizzerias offer gluten free pizzas, plus many grocery stores are not stocking premade crusts, or crust mixes, so I have been able to make pizza at home.

A fall harvest pizza I made at home.

So, while I cannot eat at any old pizza place anymore, or grab a slice any old time I like, I am happy I do not have to give it up completely.

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