Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Five Foods You Meet in my Refrigerator

Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

I thought this prompt was just a little too easy.  So I challenged myself to not only find five different kinds of things to talk about, but actual examples of that thing that matched their position on the list.  Finding five of anything in my fridge was harder than I thought it would be!

1.  Fruit:  One Lonely Pomegranate

I have a complex relationship with the pomegranate.  I think I like the taste of it more than I actually do.  And there is a lot of messy work involved in being able to eat one.  You have to peel the skin open and retrieve the seeds which, if overripe, will shoot bright red pom juice everywhere.  The last time I tried to eat a pomegranate, I looked like I had blood splattered all over my face.  I think I am more attracted to how pomegranate seeds factor into the mythology of Persephone than to the actual taste of pomegranates.

Also, One Lonely Pomegranate would be an excellent name for a Long Winters cover band.

2.  Juice: Two cans of tomato juice

I actually hate tomato juice.  These cans are leftover from when I made gazpacho the last time.  Oddly enough I love gazpacho, despite the fact that it is pretty much spicy, chunky tomato juice.  Go figure.  I keep hoping Hubby will drink these, since he professes to love tomato juice.

3.  Creamer:  Three flavors of coffee creamer

For a long time, I was not drinking coffee.  During late spring, I had reduced my caffeine intake to nil in the hopes of  healing my stomach.  My doctor suspected I was in the early stages of a stomach ulcer, so I had to give up coffee, tea, and soda.  A while ago, we decided to see how things would go if I started drinking small amounts of caffeine.  So far it has been fine, so I celebrated by splurging on some different creamers.  I typically only drink one cup of coffee a day (if that), so I want to to be delicious.  The sweet cream flavor on the left pairs well with both my blueberry coffee and my mint mocha, while the cinnamon and red velvet are perfect for my breakfast blend coffee.  Now that mornings are cold, a hot cup of delicious coffee is the perfect way to start my day.

4.  Condiment:  Four types of mustard

Hubby does not like any type of condiments on anything.  He is the king of "chicken sandwich, plain".  I, on the other hand, love to play with subtle differences in tastes, and changing the way a sandwich comes together by layering different kinds of flavors.  Hence the 4 different mustards.  On the left, we have Grey Poupon (with white wine ooh la la) for when I am feeling fancy.  Next to that is a jar of my dad's homemade mustard, which is the good stuff that never gets shared, then a bottle of Heinz, because I am a Pittsburgh girl at heart (and no way will you ever catch me with anything but Heinz ketchup), and finally regular French's dijon, which is like the everyday dishware version of mustard.  (Believe it or not, we used to have a couple of additional kinds!)

5.  Cheese: Five Kinds of Cheese

If we were to make a song about the 12 days of Foodmas in our house, I guarantee this would be the lyric for the 5th day: FIVE KINDS OF CHEESE!!!!  We are major cheese fans in our house.  We may dis other types of dairy (cow milk bad, coconut milk good), but there is no such thing as bad cheese.  The examples you see here are deli provolone for Hubby's lunch, swiss for my lunch or breakfast, bleu cheese crumbles that I bought for a pizza I made, extra sharp cheddar for cheese and crackers (which we call chackers), and parmesan and garlic blend for pasta.

As for "how I feel" about these foods, well, they are food, so I really have no strong feelings one way or the other.  Except for those cans of tomato juice, they are big jerks and I hate them.

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