Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: O is for Ocean

I know, I know, just one short week ago, I was singing the praises of the beauty of winter.  And I still stand by that 100%.  However, sometimes, you just need to daydream about the ocean.  Today is one of those times.

It has been a rough winter.  The snow started early (Novemberish) and we have had very few reprieves.  We have heard the words polar vortex way too many times for comfort.  There have been as many school cancellations attributed to sub-zero temperatures as there have been for actual snow.  Last week, Pennsylvania was colder than Alaska.  So, yeah, it has been a rough winter.  But as Hubby's new favorite song says, you "only miss the light when it starts to snow".  And I miss the light.

But beyond missing the sunshine, I miss the ocean.  I cannot believe it has been almost two years since we went to the Outer Banks and sat seaside.  While I am not one to spend much time lounging on the beach itself, there is something so soothing about being near the ocean.  The air is crisp and tingly, the breezes ruffle your hair, time moves slower, life seems sweeter.  Everything is better when you are sea side.

So, in an attempt to bolster my spirits for the 6 additional weeks of winter (thanks stupid groundhog), I came up with an ocean themed playlist.  It may not be exactly what you would expect (sorry, no Beach Boys) but to me this captures the richness and magic of time spent on the shore.