Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Explorations: Riverfront Park

This blog is the first in a series entitles “Explorations”, in which I will explore aspects of my small town which are new to me.

I have always been a sucker for a walk in the park. I just love parks, I have ever since I was a little girl. I guess it is because my childhood home was on a hill, which made learning to skate and ride a bike, or talking a leisurely stroll somewhat prohibitive. Parks, on the other hand, now, they had playgrounds, and walking trails, benches and ponds. They were great places for reflection. Everywhere I have lived, I have always sought out parks, whether they were close enough to walk to, or so far I had to drive 30 minutes.

When I first visited Kittanning, one of the places I immediately fell in love with was Riverfront Park. Running along Water Street, it was newly renovated in the late 1990’s, and includes several memorials, pavilions, and an amphitheater. In fact, the John P. Murtha Amphitheater was the originally planned site for our wedding, until Mother Nature intervened.

I am sure people drive by the park every day, without giving it a second look. But because I did not grown up with it, I find it beautiful, and interesting.

I have driven by this park hundreds of times, and of course spent time in the amphitheater during the wedding prep, but never really took the time to explore the park. I decided today was the day. While the weather was gorgeous, the only flowers blooming were some daffodils (in my head I always call these daffy down dillies). Maybe later in the spring, when more flowers are blooming, I will post more pictures. But in the mean time, please take a few moments to enjoy the pictures of my exploration through Riverfront Park. It looks a bit messy in spots; being close to the river and several days of rain last week has led to sandy debris in the amphitheater. Still, I think there is a quiet, gentle beauty in the images.