Friday, April 16, 2010

Explorations: The Book Sale

I know I just talked about the library not that long ago, and in that post I mentioned the used book sale. Well today I ventured to the sale with my friend Jen. From what I gather, the books for the sale are donated, and all proceeds benefit the Kittanning library. As the ladies mentioned to me, the state cut the budget pretty severely, so it is critical that the sale brings in decent revenue for the library, in order to purchase new books.

Because neither of us had been there we were a little unsure where to go. We approached the library and saw a sign directing us to the Grace Presbyterian Church basement. Since it was a simply gorgeous day today, we walked down the block to the church, descended the steps, and entered what I imagine heaven must look like.

Seriously, you know that euphoria that chronic over-eaters feel when the enter a buffet, like the Golden Corral, or Old Country Buffet? Well that was what I felt when I walked into the sale.

I had my own little Veruca Salt a la Willy Wonka moment. I wanted everything in there. My first priority was to find some stuff for Hubby, since he was stuck at work, so I sauntered to the Politics table. I tried to text him to get approval for a book, and realized I had no signal, so I decided to maybe I should just go for it, depending on the prices. Hmm, I thought, where is the sign....

WHAT, YOU ARE KIDDING ME, I thought. Blink blink. I looked around again.
Time for some serious shopping.

About 30 minutes later, I had quickly perused the tables, and decided I had better get out of there fast, or I was never going to leave. I found Jen, and we wrapped up our browsing. I went to the table to check out. The woman counted up my books and said, "that will be $8.50 please."

I said "No."

She said "yes."

I said "Please take $10, I feel like I am stealing."

She happily accepted my ten dollars, and and I gleefully accepted my loot:

The sale is going on today until 6 pm, and tomorrow 9 am-12 pm with crazy price reductions, something like $3 per BOX of books. Seriously K-townsfolk, and those of surrounding areas, stop into Grace Presbyterian Church and pick up some books for a good cause. It is a win win situation.