Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cartoons by Hubby: Unfortunate Shorts

The Most Unfortunate Shorts Ever- An Artist's Rendition

Backstory: While Denny, Paul, Hubby, and I were at the Rita's near Denny and Paul's townhouse, we saw the man with the most unfortunate shorts ever.  They were meant to sort of tropical or something, a lightish colored cloth with palm trees on them.  However, the palm trees were brown, and there was a large palm tree spread across the seat of the shorts.  So, basically, it looked as if the man had explosive diarrhea, and was too enamored of Rita's Ice to even care.

As we left the parking lot, safely out of the man's earshot, Hubby says to me, is that man wearing shorts, or sharts?

How could I not love him?