Thursday, June 10, 2010

Explorations: The Market on Reynolds

The other day, one of the neighborhood girls was telling me about this place here in town where they, as she put it, painted striped on your ice cream.  I was not sure what she meant, so last night, Hubby and I went to investigate.  We discovered a treasure just a few blocks away from us.

That treasure is The Market on Reynolds.

The Market on Reynolds is a little Mom and Pop place that has a little bit of everything.  We walked in, and we were instantly amazed.  There is small aisle of groceries, where I found these:

So delicious, I am eating them for breakfast, and they taste just like the Grape Pie we bought in Naples NY last year!

I also found these, and cannot wait to try them:

There is also a little deli counter that sells home made goodies, where hubby found peanut butter fudge. The owner let us sample it, and it was so delicious, we bought some.

Also, they sell PENNY CANDY.  It just gets better and better!!!!

They also sell hot subs, and when the weather is good, they smoke pork and other BBQ.

But the coup de grace was the ice cream.  Stripes on ice cream sounded like a pretty tall tale to me, until I saw this:

HOLY CATS, it was true!  I got a small vanilla cone, with bubble gum flavored pink stripes.  It was incredible!  They also have hard dip ice cream, which Hubby got, and it was tasty too, plus they can make shakes and other treats.

They also sell candy bars and small toys, and I am sure there are other things we missed in our short but glee filled trip.  We will be frequent guests there.

How have I lived here for almost a year and never been to this place???  What an amazing find!  The owner was laughing at us because we were so excited about discovering the place. 

Right now they have no web site, but I suggested to the owner that they make a Facebook Fan Page.  For now, if you are ever in Kittanning, stop at The Market on Reynolds, they are open until 10 pm every day. 

I love this town.