Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Made my Day- Cute Wife

I had gotten very used to Hubby being home, since his vacation lasted 10 days or so.  Since he went back after Memorial Day, I have missed him so much.  The traffic has been causing him to get home later than normal, and we have had so much going on lately, I feel like we do not get as much "us" time as I would like.

Since his job prevents us from talking or emailing while he is at work, we have always texted a lot throughout the day.  He will tell me how work is going, ask about the dog and cat, check on me, see if we need anything at the store, and alert me to any changes in plans.  So, we often keep each other updated as to how the day is going.  Sometimes, we send each other pictures or drawings.  This has always been our thing, texting through the days.

So, today, I sent Hubby a random text that said the following:
We have a cute dog.

With absolutely no delay, he sent the following response:
I have a cute wife.

It melted my heart.  And it made my day.  I love you Hubby.  I will see you soon!