Sunday, June 6, 2010

In the Big City: Three Rivers Arts Festival

Yesterday, I went back into the city with my friend J to explore the Three Rivers Arts FestivalThis was only the second time I had ever been to this event, and the first time I really did not get to look as much as I wanted.

We were a little concerned about the weather, because it was raining; it seems like it rains every year for Arts Fest.  However, when most of the heavy rain hit, we were protected in a vendor's tent, and the sprinkles did not bother us.  We walked around and saw a lot of really cool things.  Some of my favorite included the sculptor you see in the upper right hand corner of my collage, named Sean Corner, his work was amazing and reasonably priced, as well as a man (whose name I did not get) who takes black and white photos and hand tints them with oil based paints, they were breathtaking.  I also enjoyed a display from The Alpha Canvas.

However, my favorite part of the day was the Creative Re-use Pittsburgh tent.  This was a tent where tons of scrap materials were set out for kids and adults to use to make crafts and artwork.  I grabbed a bunch of stuff not knowing what I would make, and turned it into a somewhat decent interpretive collage of fireworks over Pittsburgh, which you can see in the lower left hand corner of my photo collage. 

I only bought one thing there, a small clay dachshund for Hubby.  But we did have a great time looking around, and I can not wait to go back!