Saturday, June 12, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

Today, Hubby and I had the supreme honor of taking part, albeit a small part, in the 2010 Relay for Life. 

Our friend E has been a supporter of the Aud Squad Relay for Life team for years, but this year, it became even more personal, because her Aunt Jane was diagnosed with cancer.  E continued to be a champion for this cause, and introduced us to it several months ago.  Sadly, Aunt Jane passed away before the actual Relay for Life 2010 rolled around, but there was still a great chance to honor her, as well as so many others.  I knew E could use the support, as this day will be a challenge for her.

So, this morning, Hubby and I walked, not just for Jane, but for every person we have even known that fought cancer.  I thought so much about my father in law as we walked around the track, and wished he could have been there to walk with us.  But you know what, I am pretty sure he was.  I miss him, and I will miss Jane. 

Next year, I want to walk again.  They do a separate even for dog owners called Bark for Life, and next year, Dexter and I are doing it, I have already decided.

I encourage all of you to contribute to this worthy cause, either with your donations, your time, or your prayers.

Seeing all the memorial signs made me so sad, my heart broke.  But seeing all the survivors made me joyful, and thankful. 

Here is an idea of what we got to experience, just in the short hour we were there.

To John and Jane, we love and miss you, and we will keep fighting for a cure.