Thursday, October 7, 2010

In the Big City: Crazy Scary

On Tuesday, Hubby and I attended our very first "tweet up" event in Pittsburgh.  The event was called Crazy Scary, and it was being held at The Scarehouse in the burgh.  The event was hosted by Scarehouse Scott, Ginny, aka JanePitt of That's Church, and Michelle of BurghBaby to help raise money for 2 children's charities, Make Room for Kids, and  Christmas Crazy.  All the sales of tickets, both VIP (like us) or regular tickets for the haunt, had the proceeds goign to these charities.

The fun part was, the ticket sales were a friendly competition between Ginny and Michelle.  Who ever sold less tickets had to perform a harrowing fete, for Ginny, walking the haunted house alone, for Michelle, dressing up like a princess.  Since we love both ladies, we bought a ticket from each, so no matter what happened, it was not OUR fault.

When we got there, we were greeted by the awesome Scarehouse staff.  We had a short wait, because, like real dorky fankids, we were first in line.  Totally worth the wait ya'll.  Totally.

We headed upstairs to the VIP room, which had tons of food, and drinks.  There were lots of people I "sort of " knew, from social media, but since we are still new to the scene, we did not really talk to a lot of people.  Thank goodness for Rhonda, who recognized me, and came and talked to us, it really helped break the ice!

There were two local Pittsburgh celebrities in costume, and we had to try to guess who they were for some spiffy prizes.

and this was Tall Cathy.  I thought for sure it was Jim Lokay.

Another celebrity was spotted, Ian from Survivor!

As the minutes ticked on, we were getting closer to finding our who won.

Would Ginny be running from the Bunny?

Or would Michelle be getting fancy?

Finally, Scott revealed the winner.....and....

Ginny would be doing the haunted house alone.  Sorry lady.  But in true AWESOME PITTSBURGH fashion, the crowd donated cold hard cash to convince Michelle to still get tansformed into a princess, so, it was on like donkey kong for them both.

At this point, Hubby and I decided to do the haunted house, which, let me tell you, pee your pants scary does not even explain how scary this was.  And I loved it.  The first part was the worst, because I was still adjusting to the fear level.  Every creepy thing you can imagine was packed into this thing, pig men, scary dolls, cannibals, aliens, the Hugga Bunch.  They weren't messing around.

Unfortunately, because we went through the haunt, we missed some of the entertainment.  They wired Ginny for sound, and the entire VIP room listened to her scream her way through the haunt, as well as watched progress on surveillance cameras.  We got back in the room in time to hear the last 1/3 of her trip, since she pretty much ran through the thing.  Well done Ginny, you are awesome.

When Ginny returned to the VIP room, Michelle had her big reveal as Princess Prissypants.

These two good sports raised over 6 thousand dollars for charity that night, as showed us all one heck of a great time.  I had a blast, and am glad we went.  I am looking forward to participating in more tweet ups and getting more involved with events, and maybe, just maybe, some day, I will get up the nerve to start talking to people.

Oh, how I love these ladies.