Sunday, October 24, 2010

Playing Dress Up- Part 1

My good friend E has an October birthday, and a healthy appreciation for the 80s.  So, naturally, she tends to use her birthday as a time to combine her celebration with the autumnal dressing up tradition, with an 80's spin.  Last year it was 80s Prom, but it was the day after our wedding, so we were not able to go.  This year, nothing was stopping us, and the theme?

80's Rockstars.  Oh heck yes!

So, let's start out with Hubby.
He will agree to such things provided it take minimal effort.  Bruce Springsteen was a good fit, all it required was blue jeans, a white t shirt, red bandanna, and working class sensibility.  Hubby was all set.

Me, I opted for something trickier.
I was Toni Basil a la the Mickey video.  I even made yarn balls for my shoes, no joke.

There were tons of other people in amazing costumes.  Robert Palmer and his girl.

Pat Benetar.

An entire family dressed up as Queen from the video I Want to Break Free

And the birthday girl, her fiance, and another couple dressed as Devo

There were tons of other costumes there, Madonna, Tiffany, The Misfits, The Bangles, heck, even Jem.  All in all, and amazingly fun night filled with music, family, and friends.

I can think of no better way to help one of the greatest people I know usher in their 30th year.  Hope it was wonderful E, and here is to an exciting year ahead!