Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing Dress Up- Part 2

I love annual traditions.  And one of my favorites is the annual Halloween party that our friends the B's throw.  It always has a cool theme, with fantastic decorations, and I always try to convince Hubby to do a cool couples costume.

This year, the party theme was Ghost Pirate Ship.  The decorations were superb, all done by the B's, mostly Mrs. B.  It really led to a cool ambiance.

And every good pirate ship needs some real live pirates...

While we may not have been dressed as pirates, I was pretty thrilled with our costumes.  We dressed up as Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton from True Blood.  I think we looked awesome!

There were some other amazing costumes there as well...including a Mexican man being chased by border patrol

The lead characters from both Pretty Woman and Risky Business

and one of my personal faves, Dan Onorato

There was good music, delicious food, plenty of dancing, and wonderful friends.  It all added up to a perfect evening.  To the crew that sat at that table in the back, thank you all for making this the best Halloween party yet!  We had a blast, and are blessed to call you all friends.  Love you all!