Monday, November 1, 2010

My Massage Experience

I am not what you would call a high maintenance girl.  Yes, I color my hair, and get regular trims, but nothing ridiculous.  I am not a fan of pedicures, having very ticklish feet, and I rarely get manicures now that I am married.  Why pay for fancy nails when dishwater and furniture polish will ruin it?  However, after having trouble with muscle twitches in my neck, my brother, who is a nurse, recommended I get a massage.

Today, I got one.  It changed my life.

A fairly new massage therapy office called In8 Massage opened near my home.  I called them on Friday, and made an appointment for this morning.  I could not wait!

I got up this morning, and took a nice bath to relax, then drove to my appointment.

The first thing I noticed was what a pretty little place this was.  It was a nice facility, with private parking.  I was the only client there I think.

I walked in, and immediately felt at peace.  The waiting area was neat, pleasantly decorated, and had very calming music playing.

I went to the desk to check in, and needed to fill out some paperwork.  After I completed it, I was admiring the water display.

Then Andrea, my massage therapist, came out to greet me.  She gave me a tour of the facility, which includes a child's massage room, a prenatal massage room, a warm massage room, and a cool massage room.  I opted for the warm room.  She came in, went over my paperwork with me, got to know me a little, then we talked about what the massage would entail.  She discussed the areas on my body that were giving me concern, and what techniques she would be using.  We talked about my overall health and dietary habits, then she left me to get ready for the massage.

I stripped down, got on the table and covered up.  Already I could feel the warmth entering my muscles and begin to relax me.  The soft lighting and calming music helped.  Andrea came back in, and the massage began.  The next hour was pure bliss.  She asked me questions, listened to my feedback, made suggestions for stretches, as well as additional optional holistic health methods for certain things.  For example, since I am so allergic to many antibiotics, I have to try to stave off infections like sinus or strep throat.  She gave me some suggestions that might help.

Despite the fact that I had never had a massage, I was completely at ease and comfortable, and I credit the atmosphere.  This was not merely a spa for pampering massage purposes.  Here, the medical and health benefits of therapeutic massage are really explored, and I have to tell you, by the time my massage was done, I felt amazing.  I almost wished I did not have to put clothes back on.

I was amazed at how incredibly reasonable the prices here are.  They seem to believe that massage is so beneficial that it should be affordable to regular people.  Thank goodness!  Andrea gave me some suggestions, and I went ahead and made an appointment for my next massage.  I have a feeling they will be seeing a lot of me!

I just want to note that I did not know anyone here, I was not asked to review this business, nor was I compensated in any way for my massage review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.