Monday, November 8, 2010

Of course...

Remember how I said Hubby would be off for 10 days or so, and his goal was to drive me nutso (not really lol)?

Remember how I insinuated I would be counting down the days until he went back to work?

Today he went back.  And of course, I am sick.

I miss my Hubby.

I am stuck at home with no car.  We took it in for inspection, and it needed new breaks and a bearing.  They did not have the parts, so they could not fix it until today.  So, here I am, no Hubby, no car, sick with a cold or sinusitis or something.  I have been taking Nyquil, which makes me have the most whacked out dreams ever.

Luckily, before this cold hit me yesterday, I cooked up stuff for tonight's dinner, so I really have no work I absolutely need to do today.  Which can be a good thing or a bad thing, because now I can lay in bed, in my Nyquil delirium, and think about how much I miss Hubby.

I guess I could distract myself with the movies on Netflix.  Nyquil, Netflix, and No Hubby.  Boo for today.

So now, I have a new countdown.  Only about 7 hours until Hubby is home.  And I can be this happy again.