Friday, January 7, 2011

It Made My Day: September

You lucky ducks you!  You get two posts from me in one day, that is pretty rare!

So, remember when I told you a long time ago I was doing a photo a day project called 365?  Well, I ended up abandoning it, because the site was one big clique, people trying to impress other people, and become popular through their pictures.  Yeah, I left high school a LONG time ago, and I do not want to return, so, no thanks, peace out.  I only wanted to learn to take great pictures.

Well, apparently, it was helping me learn to take great pictures.  One of the pictures I took for the project was of a local farm.  On a whim, I submitted it to the Armstrong County Tourist Bureau, and lo and behold, they emailed me and said they were interested in possibly using it for the 2011 Calendar.  They asked me for some information, but never told me if it was definitely used.  Today, I took a jaunt down to the Bureau office to get a calendar, and guess what.

My picture is featured for the month of September.  Little ole me.  With a published photo.  I can't hardly
STAND it!!!!!!

Do you even realize how hard it is going to be to wait to flip the calendar to September?  This calendar just may be at September all year round in our house!

So, with renewed confidence, I am happy to announce I restarted my 365 Project under a new account, and today I registered for a month long digital photography class.  Who knows where this might lead.  

All I know is, it made my day.