Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No stranger to snow

Guest post written by Cindy Butler

I'm kind of used to snow, but no matter how many times I've gotten ready for the snow or shoveled a sidewalk, I don't think that I'll ever really get used to it. But it's something that I have to do. I wish that I could just go on autopilot or something when I do that and just shovel snow like a robot but that just doesn't work as well.

I was kind of putting off shoveling snow a little bit and when I was doing that I went online with my HughesNet Internet to try and find some good techniques for shoveling snow.

Well, I didn't really find much of anything because shoveling snow is pretty basic. You just pick a spot, start from there and work your way through the snow covered area until you're done. Too bad that you can't buy that de-icer spray that you spray on your windshield into a power washer or something and just clear your sidewalk that way. Although, I think that would work out pretty well.

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