Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow No More

Alright I will probably bring on the wrath of my entire town when I admit this: Late last week and over the weekend, I was a little sad to see the snow leave.  It made for such beautiful pictures, and seeing the dead grass was a little depressing.  I knew it would be a while before things would burst into bloom for Spring, so it saddened me to not at least have pretty snow to look at; I have since changed my mind about all that however.


Because last night we got hit with a snowstorm from Hades.


 The weather forecasters called for a max of 3 inches.  We got at least 9.  Probably closer to 12 when it was all said an done.  And it started snowing at 3 pm.  Road crews did little, if anything, to prepare for bad roads during rush hour.  The result?  Hubby's 1.25 hour drive home ended up taking him 5 hours.  Completely ridiculous.  Needless to say, he did not make it in today.  The roads were still a mess this morning, oh, who am I kidding, half of the roads in our county are still  pretty much untouched by anything other than the sun.  I am just happy Hubby made it home safe and sound.


I decided to venture out today, to see if the snow resulted in any good photo ops, and boy did it ever!

And while I appreciate the opportunity to get one more awesome set of snow photos in for the year, which you can view here, I am totally ready for Spring.  Even if it means dead grass for a few weeks.

So, Mother Nature, no more snow, mmmkay?

Snow blows!