Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It Made My Day: All Roads

The other day, I was talking to my mom on the phone about some of the ridiculous shenanigans in which Hubby and I engage on a daily basis.  I said to her, can you imagine if we had gone to high school together.
Would I have looked like
Tracy Gold?

YearbookYourself_1996 - Copy
Would he have looked like
Andrew McCarthy?

Tonight, I was discussing with Hubby what it would have been like had we actually grown up together, and gone to school together.  We pondered different scenarios.  Would we have been friends, or enemies?  Would we have raised a bunch or nerdy hell the way we do now, or fought like cats and dogs?  He thinks we would have been friends, I think that after years of great friendship, we would have dated.

YearbookYourself_1992 - Copy
Not too far off from how
I actually looked...

YearbookYourself_1986 - Copy
Not too far off from how I
would have made him look...

As we were pondering these questions, he said to me, if we had grown up together, no matter what would have happened, we would have been together.  I asked him if he really believed that, to which he replied, no matter what, all roads would have led to where we are today.

Pretty much the most romantic thing I ever heard.  And it totally made my day.