Friday, March 11, 2011

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

The weather is just miserable outside.  A disgusting mix of rain and snow the last couple of days has everything a sloshy, slippery mess.  Our yard looks like a swamp, and the dogs are very displeased when they have to go out in this ick.

But besides my own personal dislike about the weather, there is a serious reason I want this weather to stop.  We live in a town that is along the Allegheny river.  In town, there is a park with an amphitheater in it.  Usually, it has 8 rows of seats above a large stage area.  This was where we were going to get married, before the rain started on our wedding day.  But that little bit of rain was nothing compared to what we are dealing with now.

Yesterday, the amphitheater had 6 rows of seats dry, so that means the stage and 2 rows were under water.
Where these boys are sitting is now under water.

Today, there are only 3 rows dry.

And still the rain falls.  The top row of seats is only about a foot below street level, so we could be seeing some major damage within the next couple of days if the water does not recede.  Luckily, we live a few streets back, so I am hoping it will not reach us, even if it does get to street level.  This is so scary!



I pray for the residents and business owners in town, that the rain stops, the waters recede, and no one suffers any damage.